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My name is Simon.
I design digital products, systems, and experiences.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have never left. I'm a huge proponent of advocating design thinking across entire organizations, building scalable design systems, operationalizing design processes, and empowering design teams.

Feel free to reach out to me about anything,
even if you just wanna hang out. I love geeking out on design! 🤓


Design musings.
Design thoughts.
Design thinkings?

→ Building a Design System from Scratch

"...the system should be detailed enough so that it is easily adhered to, but also flexible enough so that it is forgiving when used suboptimally, especially by non-designers."

→ Post-design Considerations

"...By futureproofing the way we manage design assets and workflow, we can avoid turning a molehill into a mountain."

→ So You Want to Work At A Startup...

"Basically, you are the design guru for the entire company and will have to answer a lot of questions that you might not have had to deal with previously."


A small collection of selected projects from past and present.


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