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Eva•LuaTiNg whic•H tyPe oF cOmpaNies To Wo•Rk aT

Or, should you work at a startup or a big company?

So you're on the job hunt. Whether you're a new grad fresh out of school or a seasoned designer looking for a change of scenery, the question of "what kind of company do I want to work at?" inevitably pops up. While some folks have the luxury of being a little more picky in their criteria than others, it's still something that all prospective job candidates ask themselves.

I recently did a guest lecture at UC Berkeley for their Design Field Notes course where I talk about just that. In the lecture, I talk about how to leverage the tons of information that exist in the public domain to assess company health (and get a sense of the design culture), the differences in expectations and responsibilities of working in each environment, and how ultimately, it's still a decision largely based on circumstance and emotion.


Resources Evaluating tech companies as a new grad designer (full video)

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